Zentroflex Centre Grinding Machine with Automation

Do you want to achieve a roundness of less than 1 micrometre for your centring holes and thus a massive time saving in the downstream manufacturing processes?
Is precision a high priority for you and do you attach great importance to a high-quality machine that guarantees an extremely long service life?

Then our Zentroflex centre grinding machine is ideal for you. With the machine types Zentroflex 14-SA and Zentroflex 22-SA you are optimally equipped for series production. The machines are equipped with an open PC control from Beckhoff and have all the possibilities of a modern CNC control for inputting and managing process data. With this open PC control, we have also created all the prerequisites for Industry 4.0.

With a CNC-controlled machine, the grinding time can be almost halved.

Technical data of the machine:
Workpiece clamping diameter: 3-220 mm
Workpiece shaft length: 50-2’000 mm
Workpiece centre size: 1.5-100 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 170 kg
Machine drive: Stepless 5’000-45’000 1/min
Z-axis drive: CNC

Thanks to the special cross grinding with small oil pockets, the oil film cannot be displaced between the centres during further processing.

Also, with our Zentroflex centre grinding machine, you achieve an axis parallelism of the workpiece of less than 10 micrometres. This guarantees a high quality of the ground workpiece.

With our unique grinding system, the wear parts of the machine are less stressed and thus achieve a longer service life.

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