Centre Grinder

Our centre grinders have proven successful with our customers around the world for decades. With the special simultaneous 3D grinding tool movement, the ZSM geometrically grinds high-precision 60° centre holes or centre chamfers.

The ZSM 181H and ZSM 182H models feature manual grinding head adjustment and semi-automatic truing devices, making them the preferred tool for the production of individual components and small series.

ZSM 181 and ZSM 182 feature automated program execution geared towards series production. All grinding parameters can be freely defined. The truing process is integrated into the machining process. Thanks to their modular structure and the Z-axis NC drive, these two machine types are particularly suited for series production. Both types feature open PC control by Beckhoff to meet the requirements for INDUSTRY 4.0 production.

An extensive accessory range rounds off the machine concept.

ZSM machines are used in a wide range of applications. Milling tools, grinding mandrels, tool holders, drive and gear shafts are only some examples of workpieces that require utmost precision in the execution of external cylindrical grinding. The cylindrical grinding quality is highly dependent on the workpiece setting and consequently the exact geometry of the centre hole.

Centre holes and centre chamfers ground with a ZSM stand out with their high degree of roundness (1.), precise axle alignment of the centre holes (2.), as well as precise opening angles and a homogenous cross-grinding pattern with microscopic oil pockets (3.). This prevents the dead centres running dry or seizing up in the centre hole and eliminated another potential error source.


  1. All centre grinders by ws technica technology gmbh grind geometrically round centre holes with an achievable centre hole roundness of ≤ 1 µm.
  2. The ZSM by wstt can grind geometrically aligned centre holes with centre hole axle alignment of < 10 µm.
  3. Surface roughness of the centre hole: N4 – N6 / Ra  0.2 – 0.8 / Rz 1.6 – 4-6.3

ws_technica_centre grinding machine
Centre grinding machine
ws_technica_grinding cone
Grinding cone