Zentroflex Centre Grinding Machine

Swiss precision with an accuracy of 0.001mm

With our grinding machines you can produce with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. Therefore we can rightly promise that a hair-precise production is too inaccurate for us.
We are particularly proud of this precision and we vouch for it. With a machine from us you will enjoy unattainable precision.

The higher the requirements, the more suitable a machine from technica gmbh

The higher your requirements in terms of accuracy and process reliability in machining, the more important the clamping of the workpiece and thus the exact geometry of the centring holes becomes.
With the special simultaneous 3D grinding wheel movements, our vertical centre grinding machine produces a geometrically highly precise 60° centre bore. The workpiece is fixed and self-centeringly clamped in a vice.

Ideal for your individual and small series production

With the machine types Zentroflex 14-M and Zentroflex 22-M you can achieve outstanding performance in single part and small batch production.
The extremely robust construction and the simple operation guarantee a long-term and economic investment.

Best equipped for series production

With the machine types Zentroflex 14-SA and Zentroflex 22-SA you are well equipped for serial production. The machines are equipped with an open PC control from Beckhoff and have all the possibilities of a modern CNC control for the input and management of process data.
With this open PC control, we have also created all the requirements for Industry 4.0.


A guarantee for precision

Our centre grinding machines grind geometrically round centre bores with an attainable roundness of the centre bore from ≤1µm.
Non-aligned centre bores of a workpiece are a source of error, which negatively affects the quality of the workpiece. With our centre grinding machine geometrically aligned centre holes can be ground with an axis parallelism of the centre holes of < 10µm.

Grinding pattern

Also the grinding pattern of the bore, a cross-grinding with small oil pockets, is unique and cannot be achieved with conventional grinding methods.
Thanks to this special grinding, the oil film cannot be displaced between the tips during further processing.
The semi-automatic dressing device ensures a constant, geometrically exact conical shape of the grinding wheel at all times.
Our CNC-controlled machines also offer the possibility of dimensional compensation of the dressing value.


  1. All centre grinders by technica technology gmbh grind geometrically round centre holes with an achievable centre hole roundness of ≤ 1 µm.
  2. The Zentroflex by technica technology gmbh can grind geometrically aligned centre holes with centre hole axle alignment of < 10 µm.
  3. Surface roughness of the centre hole: N4 – N6 / Ra  0.2 – 0.8 / Rz 1.6 – 4-6.3

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Zentroflex centre grinding machine
Zentroflex centre grinding machine
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