Our strength

Customer needs:
We pay particular attention to special consultations tailored to customer requirements. We respond to customer wishes and offer the customer uncomplicated, flexible and fast solutions. This feeds into our continuous improvement process in relation to different machine components, new and extended fields of application, as well as the use of new materials and geometric arrangements for the required grinding tools.

High quality assurance:
In addition to long-term cooperation with you as the client, technica technology gmbh also strives for continuity in its relationships with other partners, whether employees, suppliers, financiers or the company as a whole.

Machine buidling:
We build Technica centre grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and Stemoflex machines for you.

Service / Maintenance:
Regular maintenance and diligent service of the machines and fixtures saves costs and trouble.

We only produce high quality products. These are based on high-quality materials, good consultation and perfect conception and preparation.