Rotaflex 14/xx

We have designed a little sister of our Rotaflex 25/xx and this Rotaflex 14/xx is technically as sophisticated as its big sister but much smaller and therefore absolutely suitable for SME companies.

With the size between 4 and 8 machining stations, large production batches of not highly complex workpieces or medium production batches of complex workpieces fit perfectly to this machine. In addition, the compact machine bed dimensions of 1.4 by 1.4 metres allow operation even in confined spaces. The highest maxim of Swiss quality is also the guideline for the development of this machine.

Through the clever combination and different configuration of up to 8 machining stations, an extraordinarily productive Rotaflex rotary transfer machine can be put together, which is precisely matched to the customer’s needs and has a very high degree of flexibility.

With a Rotaflex rotary transfer machine, the margin and the quality of the produced workpieces can be massively improved. More information to our Rotaflex Rotary Transfer machine.

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