Rotaflex Rotary Transfer Machine

Flexibility in every detail 

To ensure that you will always find the right Rotaflex rotary transfer machine for your needs, we have a wide range of basic machines on offer, which we can adapt specifically to customer requirements.
The range extends from machines with six machining units, for tight spaces and low investment costs, to our machines with 16 machining units for the production of highly complex parts in large series.


With a Rotaflex from us you can achieve a very high degree of production flexibility. Thanks to an extremely short machine changeover time, you can produce a wide range of parts on just one machine. This enables you to respond better to customer requirements, to use the machine to full capacity and thus to operate it in an economically attractive way.
The complete CNC program change, tool change, pallet change and the change of the machining unit can be done in less than three hours.


On our Rotaflex machines, manufacturing precision begins in the micrometer range. This enables you to produce high-precision parts.

On the machining units with a speed of up to 20’000 rpm. we achieve a concentricity and positioning accuracy of < 2µm.
Both the spindle housing and the motors are water-cooled and the full enclosure prevents the penetration of chips.

The workpiece carriers are directly locked on each workstation in a high-precision Hirth gearing, which is superior to other systems in terms of robustness and long-term accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the pallets is < 2µm.

With the chuck compensation, possible errors of the clamping device can be assigned as correction value to each pallet and stored in the CNC control. The machining accuracy on all stations is < 10µm.

Do you also want to align your production flexibly, precisely and quickly? Then give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.

Examples of the range of parts

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Examples of the range of parts
Examples of the range of parts