Processing units

technica machining units are designed for series production with maximum precision. They have proven themselves for years in all areas of application and are well established. The design is compact and space-saving. The units can be installed in any position between horizontal and vertical spindle position. Infinitely adjustable, hydropneumatic feeds and NC axes allow any adaptation to the requirements of the tools for optimum cutting conditions. Indirect drive relieves the spindles of belt tension. The machining units can be used for a wide range of applications:

✓ Drilling
✓ Reaming
✓ Milling
✓ Thread cutting

The units are available individually or as an overall concept for a family of parts.
At technica, we have many years of experience and several thousand of our machining units are already in use. We rely exclusively on proven in-house designs, which are adapted to your wishes and requirements. Another advantage is that we can supply additional components at short notice if you want to change your production.
Could our drilling units be just right for your production? Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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