STEMOFLEX stands for control – module and flexibility and is a retrofit product. We modernise old Technica rotary transfer machines by using new 3-axis CNC modules HSK-C32 (instead of the hydropneumatic drilling and milling units 4100 / 4200) and with a modern control system. There are different variants for the equipment with machining spindles. These differ in the number, the installation position and the speed/torque curve. Thanks to low investment costs and high flexibility in case of possible adaptations to changed requirements (e.g. new workpieces), Stemoflex is a profitable solution.[/one-half]

Rotaflex RSM

Based on the Rotaflex DV, we have developed the Rotaflex RSM, an “Eco Series” for all precise, small parts that are flexibly produced in large quantities. Up to six work stations with 3-axis units and double spindle HSK – C32 with up to fifteen tools and speeds up to 20’000 rpm – Positioning accuracy of each axis < 10 μm – Full enclosure prevents penetration of chips. The pallet system is fixed or switches while the table is clocked. Five sides complete machining of the workpiece, for part sizes up to approx. 60x60x60 mm possible. Flexible part feed via six axes robot arm, from bar or as single part feed.