Zentroflex Centre Grinding Machine

  All centre grinders by technica technology gmbh grind geometrically round centre holes with an achievable centre hole roundness of ≤ 1 µm. The Zentroflex by technica technology gmbh can grind geometrically aligned centre holes with centre hole axle alignment of < 10 µm. Surface roughness of the centre hole: N4 – N6 / Ra  0.2 – 0.8 / Rz 1.6 – 4-6.3 Visit us on Youtube

Processing modules

The technica technology gmbh CNC 3-axis units are full CNC 3-axis machining modules. They are built in different versions, which differ in the position of the machining spindles. The modules are particularly suitable for the construction of rotary transfer machines. Due to the compact design, accessibility to the workpiece is not impaired. They are equipped with plug-in connections. The units are aligned by means of the 3-point support, which means that the machines can be changed over quickly and easily. The units are fully enclosed and thermally stabilised by a fluid circuit. By using preloaded guide elements and slides, the units achieve high rigidity as well as high precision. Thanks to the central lubrication, the technica technology gmbh CNC 3-axis…Read More

Range of parts

With our rotary transfer machines Rotaflex and Stemoflex you can machine complex parts in a versatile way and all this with only one machine. Any machining such as drilling, milling, grooving etc. can be carried out. Machining times are fast and our machines are very precise. Many things are possible and we will be happy to advise you to find the perfect solution for you. Call us at +41 32 654 80 60 or send us an e-mail at info@ws-technica.com. Some examples of the range of parts: